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You don’t survive in an attempt to avoid death. There’s no defying the common end. Well, everybody knows that. Even more so a lot of people are using that as a lame excuse, wallowed deep beneath the surface of listlessness equating the human’s predominant nature of fear and laziness. If you let these people’s resolve and judgment win you over, you’re good as dead even before dying playing within the fences of unnecessary safety, masked in the pretense of security, a concealed image of soulful imprisonment. Survive to reap experience. Survive because there’s a life worth achieving, one worth living. Survive to someday make a change to relish a mortal nirvana. You know why you should survive all the more? To see the beauty in chaos, which Tainster happens to be a product of.

You know what they say about hope, when you lose all of it, that means total freedom for you. A kind of liberation that you never once thought exists. With Tainster.com, you will get to witness and even more so experience the beauty that is reaped from madness — drunken parties, bukakes, incest, copious orgies and all the nasty niches you could think of in the world of porn. They would even go further and have been influencing so many girls who are awaiting to be emancipated from the reins of their inner shells, constituting to what they call the “Porn Stars At Home”, which houses porn videos that are voluntarily created by the female viewers, showing off their sexual activities with their lover boys and even lover girls for some neat lesbian action.

If you have heard from others about Tainster before, it’s not because of the hype put into it. It’s because it is deemed truthful and highly acclaimed for its promising endeavor. To date, there are 3,000 plus videos for you to watch and each video is good for at least 22 minutes. There’s a model index which allows you to filter videos with the models of your liking. There’s also the advanced search option to get the results you want for suggestions on what videos to watch, For an easier way around the randomness, go with the categorical tabs you see on the site.

The site with its colossal range amounts only to $9.95 of billing a month. If you want to indeed get the best value out of your money for a porn site subscription, Tainster is the real deal for you!