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Human personality is a very fluid topic to touch on. Things may change through the passage of time and post discoveries might discount and derogate a big proportion of what has been set and established. This is where Camus’ assertion would come into play as in his essay The Myth of Sisyphus, that passing judgment to a person can only be limited by the totality or the sum of his deeds, that the other can never know him any better on a personal aspect. So if you think you’ve known Peter North any better by the words you’ve heard from a friend, then you’re wrong. So first, experience him.

Did you know? Oh, you didn’t? Yeah, exactly! Mr. North’s famous and I know you’ve been hearing his name here and there from you circle of lecherous friends. But that’s not the point. The point is he is famous for a reason. He’s been in the industry for 20 years now, as a porn star! For Christ’s sake, he’s got the experience bro and he’s gotten laid more than the sheep you’ve count, and he should be a fucking inspiration, because yes, it’s possible to bang any chick you want. With all that being said, you can’t expect anything less than amazing with what the North has to offer. He is a legend and as you dig deeper, you will find more reasons to testify that statement.

Take this: Peter North has been in over thousands of porn videos from then until today. He puts all his efforts in and he is the fucking Solomon of the Bible. I wonder where he gets all those energy? But anyway, he clearly has the visage and the body. He works it up, which explains the 2,868 full length scenes he’s been in across his 20 years of experience. He has also become a creator for others, where he directs and leads while the others do. And this is how he transmits his skill to others. Interactive!

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