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KarupsPC is as old as dirt, at least that is what many porn fans feel about these guys. We have seen them develop and become something amazing over the years. They have weathered many storms that have washed away lesser sites and have only grown in size and in prestige. Their popularity comes from having an immensely strong backbone and very deep, material-rich, picture and video galleries that they have. Let’s look at this private collection much deeper!

We are going to do things a bit differently. First, we shall state the various advantages, then disadvantages, then let you make up your mind about what to do next. So, here are some of the advantages. First thing we learned was that this site is big, big, big! They look like a massive network rather than one simple site. They have over 4300+ videos inside and an impressive collection of 12137+ image galleries. Multiply each gallery with the 90 or more individual images inside and what you get is a shockingly huge number of pictures.

Another advantage is that the collection inside is mostly exclusive. That is a huge feat for a big site like this one. The navigation map-out makes sure that you arrive at your destination faster. It makes searching easier. You have tools and features galore. The KarupsPC model index is stocked with over 2149 models. It also has information. Advanced searching protocols are another advantage that you will receive inside. The focus that the site wants to put forth is that members are here for the content, and not to be hoodwinked by other distractions. The updates they make nowadays are full HD, high res images that sparkle with quality. You will know which videos are HD and which are not, they tell you everything inside this site.

Now that we have sampled just a small array of pros you get, are there any cons? Some of the old material is inferior when compared to the HD and high res standards of present day productions. There are minor things like lack of deeper background information, or lack of diverse downloading options. These minor concerns are annoyances yes, but they do not demolish the high reputation that this site has. Like we said, hardcore and softcore material is supplied. They have lots of teens, young models, but they do throw in the occasional seasoned milf. The site updates weekly, multiple times per day sometimes!

KarupsPC is one site that has been cooked to perfection. The material inside exhibits the intense and deep understanding that the producers have when it comes to all forms of young softcore and hardcore porn productions. They offer all new members a complete meal with all the delicious deserts to ensure complete satisfaction. Now you know, what are you going to do?